Wednesday 25 January 2023

January S&T Report

 Welcome to the January S&T report.

So much has been done, in the last two month. At both Dalfaber and Boat Of Garten. The main work has been carried out at Dalfaber. With the road lights installed before the Christmas holiday session. This was achieved with the road lights been connected to a temporary control cabinet that has been loaned to us, to see us through the Santa session. The road deck and civil’s work at the crossing has been completed. Now it is down to us to get the signalling equipment installed before our main session in March.

Winter conditions in Aviemore with the civil’s completed and the road lights up and working by a local control unit for the Santa trains.

The weather shield that has been made to protect the audio warning device, not a standard part. Something that we have come up with to help protect it from the Scottish weather.

Busy drilling the rails for the bonding of the track circuits. The drilling and bonding has now been completed. Now it is time to install the track tail cables and treadles.

An example of the track bonding. It’s not much but when you have over sixty joints to bond up it takes some time to complete.

This is the south remote end of the track circuit. With both of the strike in treadles installed and track tail cables in the process of being fitted. Just in front you can see the insulated joints that have been installed by the Pway. 

In addition to the road lights, with the large foot fall over the crossing, the installation of red men for pedestrians are required to be fitted. Hear busy getting the position that the hole needs to be drilled in for the light to be fitted 

Drilling in progress with a specially made bracket to mount the magdrill, to drill the hole.

First of the red men installed, still three more to be done. It should also be pointed out that the road lights have now been fitted with long hoods. This will help with sunlight issues that have been reported in the past at this crossing.

The control cabinet for the crossing was delivered at the station and required to be lifted on a wagon and taken down to Dalfaber to be installed.

Once loaded it was slowly taken up to Dalfaber.

Now unloaded and in its final position. 

With the REB fitted it was then the turn of the barrier pedestals to be loaded and delivered to Dalfaber.

This is the barrier pedestal been lifted and about to be fitted in position.

Up side pedestal fitted in position, boom arm still to go on.

Down side pedestal fitted in position. With the public signage fitted. Hole drilled and cable run for the red man to give pedestrian warning 

End of day picture looking South up the line.

End of day picture looking North Down the line.

Last one for tonight looking up the hill towards Aviemore. Only visual thing still to be fitted is the boom arms on the pedestals. But that is for another day.

Next project, next story! Parts getting ready for Boat of Garten.