Saturday, 13 June 2020

Big push at permanent way depot, Morley’s

Morley project update 13 of June 2020

It has been a while since I last did a post so there is a fair bit to put in.

Prep work has been carried out getting the outer home, and yard exit signal ready to be planted. The rodding run to the A end of the points has been cleaned up, and finished off. Each crank was only held down by two screws. After proving that it works. The remaining screws holes have been drilled and cranks secured fully. With all this “finishing” work been done the points are now very light to operate. Anyway each picture has a description and will show you what has been done. Of course following current government guidelines and regulations.


Thanks to Georgie for pulling out this signal from the back of the yard at Boat of Garten, this one came from Dyce. There was three signals that we got from Dyce all the same size. Two are already in use on the railway. One is the Home signal at Aviemore from Boat of Garten. The second is the signal in front of the Roy Hamilton carriage shed site for our mainline heading to Boat of Garten.

Painting work not fully completed in this photo but well on the way to been completed.

This is the exit signal, out of the “permanent way depot” Morley’s. All painted up, missing parts found ready to go up. This signal came from Fouldubs signal box, at Grangemouth. Formally know as FD34.

Planted! Ready to be connected up to Boat north signal box once everything else has been done. The balance wight and the down wire, is still to be fitted. Nun of which will be done until the points are finished.

Some more hole digging has been completed. Stools dropped in. But than ran out of stool! So a visit to the sand pit at the back of the yard is required.

There was no, already made single rodding run stools. Which resulted in time been spent making up 9 to complete the job. The ones you can see in this picture came from the Aviemore resiganaling project of Networkrails. These stool use to carry six rodding runs in there day. But now will only carry one.

Here are the stools cut down and made ready to carry the single rodding run to the “B” end of the points.

Here they all are! Ready for someone to dig some more holes. Oh goodie!

This is the New outer home now up. Thanks to Georgie and his amazing machine! Also the embankment been levelled off and space made for two location cases for track circuit equipment and signal lighting circuits. The bottom of the post still needs to be painted black plus one or two bits of the white needs touched up as well.

Then the location cases were put in. These location cases came from Perth some years ago. They are still needing a bit of work yet. A good clean down and paint up is still required. Although this can be easily done where they now are.

Still some tidying to do but starting to look really nice.

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