Saturday, 11 September 2021

The final renovation of the North Signal Box at Boat of Garten

 The final renovation of the North Signal Box at Boat of Garten – 6th to 8th September

By Colin Frost


Once again we were lucky with the weather, and with the scaffold removed, we set about completing the outstanding workincluding a final coat of undercoat on the north and west walls, rubbing down and undercoating the two windows on the east side and cleaning down the wriggly tin roof of the store.

Looking down on the store roof


The following day the top coat of ‘pollen’ was applied to the north and west walls and the two windows were finished in ‘Banana dream 6.  The final broken pane of glass was replaced in the door and then the wriggly tin roof required attention. Due to the uneven ground surrounding the store and the way that it falls away in two directions, this was a bit of a challenge. But a coat of red tile paint was successfully applied without too many dramas.  


The finished of store

On day three all the remaining areas were painted in ‘saddle brown’, mainly the frames around the windowsand a final few touch ups were also completed.


Broken windows replaced 

All the wood off-cuts that had been lying on the ground at the rear of the box was collected and dumped, where possible the paint scrapings and swarf were swept up and all the old paint kettles and brushes were also skipped. 


Back all clean and clear of vegetation 

Along the way we have also cut back the overgrown foliage from the bushes and trees that partially obscured the footpath from the station.The work on the box is now complete, so our thanks go to the other team members that have helped Ray and I over the past weeks – a great job done.


The completed North cabin

Team this week Colin Frost and Ray Kenyon



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