Wednesday, 29 June 2022

Aviemore Improvement Works Continued

 Aviemore Improvement Works Continued.

By Robert Law


Only a short blog today, to fill you in on what’s now been completed. On the ground, our up direction home signal has a call-on arm. The purpose of this is to inform the driver that the section into the station is not clear to the buffer ends and that they must proceed at caution, following any instructions that are given. Lots of improvements have been made around this with the interlocking now completed. Improving the overall safety of the railway. Not that it was not safe before but it makes it a lot harder to make mistakes now. A new shed exit signal is currently getting installed but still to be completed. The paint brushes have been out and the levers in the box have received a clean up. The home signal has received a bit of paint to but a second coat wouldn’t go a miss. Time has been spent writing up briefing notes for all our operating staff. So everyone is aware of what has been done and how it effects there roles. The brief should be handed out soon. Just needing approval at this stage.

The view as you arrive into Aviemore. The main arm being number one lever and the call-on being number two. The rust stains have gone with a coat of paint. But a second would be good!

The lamp unit with the stencil on the side. Will only be see when the arm is in the off position.

How it all looks with the call-on signal in the off position.

The frame after receiving a bit of paint and a good clean up.

Aviemore signal diagram 

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