Wednesday 27 December 2023

Boat of Garten Yard points

Boat of Garten Yard Points

By Robert Law

27th December 2023 

Since the close of the running season, work has continued at Boat of Garten with the signaling enhancements. The detectors for what will become 20 points, into the North Yard. Is looking a lot more completed.

All parts are now fitted and secured in regards to the detectors. The lift bar unfortunately is still to be completed but will be done with time. This set up has been designed/made with as many of our original LMS parts to the LMS design as possible. Some BR standard parts have been required to supplement what we do not have.

Work is now going to move up to the Up to Down crossover. With the renewal of the detector base from a twin to a quad to take the extra detectors for the new signals in the future.

Work has started on cleaning and preparing all the parts that are required. Enough LMS type parts have been found to follow the designs without any BR standard parts.

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