Sunday, 15 August 2021

Renovation of the North Signal Box at Boat of Garten – 31 July to 3 August

Renovation of the North Signal Box at Boat of Garten – 31 July to 3 August 

By Colin Frost


On Saturday 31st we were joined by six members of the P/way team and Jim P and they were able to scrape down any loose paint, sand and apply an undercoat to the remaining north, west and east walls at the lower level of the scaffold.  The inside of the porch was also prepared and an undercoat applied.  This herculean effort moved the renovation on a pace and allowed Ray and I, over the next three days, to apply the top coat to all the windows on the east side at first floor level, replace another small rotten area of timber on the north wall and a pane of glass in a window in the south wall.  Final top coat was also applied to the east wall down to just above ground level. 


The first half of the wriggly tin roof of the store was washed down so that this can be prepared for painting.


We had deliberately left the south side of the box till last as most of the area did not require the use of the scaffold, but now was the time to prepare the walls on this side. So after more wood repairs were completed at ground level the wall on the first floor and at ground level was cleaned down and the undercoat applied.


Team this week Jim Clark, Colin Frost, Ray Kenyon, Neil McQueen, Angus McPhail, Jim Pittendrigh, Mike Tough, and we also welcomed two new members to the P/way squad Dave Gelippe and Bob Vincent.


(to be continued)

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