Sunday, 12 July 2020

Morley’s sidings

Morley’s sidings. 12/07/2020

Time for another update on how work is progressing on the Morley’s sidings project. As you will see in the pictures below things have been progressing well. It’s like a mercano set! Everything fits together but you just need to find the correct parts. There has been a lot of time spent going around the railway looking for the correct parts but the end result for this has been Very good.

So the first of the jobs was to get the drop lugs on the points ends facing the correct way and to get the alinements correct between the points to the detector. As well as the alinement of the wire run from the detector to the base of the signal.

 This is the first attempt at getting the alinements correct, unfortunately this did not work out. The connection rods and swords just did not fit well for the job. So it was time to look for better parts on the railway.

This is the finished job! Detector is fitted, better swords and connectors Rods was found and replaced. Points were tested and correct. Very happy with the outcome. Just to remind you all. The threaded bar at the front of the points is acting as the sole plate to ensure that nothing can move.

 Now this is a hard one to explain, at this point some time was been spent sorting out cables for between the signal box and the two location cases that have been installed at the new outer home. 400 yards of 19core and 400yards of 2 core cable have been prepared which the P-way were ask to  help pull out.
 The hope was to get a bit more done on the outer home but unfortunately it was not to be. The ladder that had been selected for it turned out to be to badly damaged. Another needs to be found. With it been on the roadside for all to see, would prefer it to be as perfect as possible.
Still managed to get the balance weight up and mounted. It’s not much but it’s a step in the right direction.

 This is the new section starter now with it’s ladder fitted. The hoop at the top is damaged and needs replaced, which I anticipate to have done on my next visit and weather permitting a coat of paint.
This signal I am really getting quite fond of. Now fitted with it’s ladder, balance weight leaver and crank fitted at the bottom. All that it left to do with this signal is the wire run and the signal lightning circuit.

A little bit more  has been done on the “A” end of the points , I’m really pleased to how this has turned out. On the left hand side of the picture you can see the newly pulled out cables running from the signal box to the outer home. The cables still require to be jointed.

 This photo was supplied curtesy of Graham Maxton . He has challenged us to recreate this picture. Would it be easier to create  it from the signal box or from up one of the signals?
 This picture is from the new section starter, I believe that the  previous or original Starter signal was on the north of the old bridge. The new shed sits on top on the old sheds foundations.
 This is the view from the North signal box so I don’t think the original picture could have been taken from hear.
 Again this is taken from up the top of the new section starter but this time looking south towards the station. Been qualified and permitted to build and climb these structures is definitely a perk of the job. You can appreciate what the railway has and what “Team Strathspey” has created.
 A bit of time has been spent cleaning out the North signal box. Getting all the equipment that should not be on the operating floor out. If anyone is willing to help and enjoys painting then hear is a nice little job for you. Please let me know if willing to help.
 Looking from the opposite end much better but still some work to be done.
The S&T vans on the way back to the sidings at the south end of the station after collecting all the materials out of the North signal box.

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  1. Great transformation inside the North cabin. With 7 extra levers due to be commissioned in the near future it will become a more interesting place to work. The new Signalling and PW S&C work on the ground looks first class. Shame about the damaged ladder and hoop, that must have come as surprise.