Thursday, 20 August 2020

Running Signal wires.

It’s been a while since the last up date but things are forever moving forward and but now we have trains passing us as we are working, which is great! Frustrating though,when you are trying to get things done.

To start with hear is a video of the train going through the Morley’s shed area. This video was shot from the brake van sitting in the sidings which was under my possession. Please excuse the grunts and sniffs, did not know how bad my hay fever was that day.

The first of the jobs to be done was to run the down wire/chain on what will be number 17 signal. Then run the wire round the flat wheels under the track and on to the down cess. This is as far as I have got the wire run for now. Only the straight wire run back to the signal box is left to do.

The next job to be tackled was the outer home. A newer arm has been put on and lenses installed. Down wire has been run. A different balance weight and bracket has been put on, one that is more suited to the post. The crank has been mounted at the bottom as well and wire connected up. The next thing that unfortunately needs to be done, is the location cases need to be pulled out. Gurr! This was a mistake on my account. If you look closely you will work out that the wire run will need to go through the cases. OOps! The plans have also changed for the type of track circuits that will be used through the points and berth track. “Current” plan is for the berth track to be a diode track. Then the one through the points will be a medium voltage track. (8 volts.) The new location case will go in front of the signal and will be a smaller size.

The new section starter! Proudly showing off it’s signal arm. Sadly it needs to be covered up until it is completed. But it is looking the part. Still some painting to do. (The black at the bottom.) A new hoop has been put on the ladder. The down wire is connected up to the balance weight. The crank is mounted at the bottom and wire connecting to the balance weight. The wire is also run back to the signal box, it just needs to be connected to the wire rope coming out of the bottom of the signal box. That is it! One condition to make and it is working! The shunt signal number 4 is all connected up. The wire is run all the way back to the signal box, just one more connection to be made and this one is done too. There will be a half location going in behind the signals, with the modified plans. This is for the signal lightning circuits of 16, 4, and 1 signals. The points detection circuit, plus a feed unit for the track circuit through the points.

Here is a look at how the wires are/will be going over the road. This way keeping the walkways clear.

This is the exit signal from Morley’s, which is number one signal. Again the down wire is connected to the balance weight arm, which still needs a weight! The wire is then connected to the crank, through the detector, onto the flat wheel under the track and on to the next flat wheel. You would have seen the wire going over the bridge in the last picture and it goes all the way back to the signal box. Just one more connection and this signals wire run is completed.

Three signal wires arriving at the front of the signal box just need to be connected up to the correct wire rope/chain coming out of the signal box. Getting to this stage is very rewarding indeed. 

As well as doing installation work at Morley’s at Boat of Garten. The general maintenance and faulting still requires to be done. We had a few problems at Aviemore with everything sitting in hibernation for so long. 13 signal was needing a good grease as it was not moving freely. Plus both sets of points were a wee bit out of balance! An easy fix. Everything at Aviemore has now had a maintenance visit. As well as the point FPL testing at Aviemore and Boat of Garten has now been completed.

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