Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Morley project continued

Morley shed project continued

Update 26 May 2020

Hi all,

Once again the S&T department is making progress, in a safe and distant manner. It would be nice to be working with other people! It would be nice to have the trains going past! If for nothing else, it’s a good excuse to stop for a cup of tea. But there are not, so make the best of the time and get some work done.

The day started nice and early, to try and get the digging done before the day got to hot. Didn’t work though.

This is how it was when arriving to site, all laid out. More digging, digging and a touch of digging to do.

This is how we were looking at 11am ish. In a right mess. Holes All dug one line of rodding in. But not quite lining up! So in came Georgie, to do what most P-way workers do best!!! Put an eye to the job.

Georgie worked at on end while I worked at the other. We do like to speak to each other but to work safely at the moment, this is what is required. I got the second line of rodding into place and bolted together. While Georgie started packing and slewing up at the bridge. Taking out some of the bumps and creating a “gentle sweeping rise” in the rodding run.

Then together but still apart. Georgie’s eye on the line and myself on the jack and shovel. We worked on getting the heights and alignment correct on the rest of the rodding run. It amazing how long, tiring but rewarding this was. Three hours of lifting packing and slowing and it started to look better.

End of day results a nice straight rodding run.

So with the rodding run all connected up to the A end of the points there was one last thing to try.

It is needing a bit of adjustment yet but we have normal and reverse. Plus a working FPL on the mainline. Lock has not been cut for the reverse yet. That is still on the to do list.

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