Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Morley shed project

Morley’s project part 3

A bit of time has passed and more work has been done. There is not much really to show for it, but when working your own you realise the enormity of the project.

 Track safety is still adhered to and always ensure there is other people around if anyone comes into trouble. It’s always good to have a friendly face working at the other end of the work sit and  our Station Master working away happily painting the platform edge.

So this is how it all starts for this blog. Putting the compensator cranks down and getting the first of the rodding on. Georgie was very kind and had dug the hole and put the bench in the week before. With a bit of mechanical assistance rather than by hand.

So by the end of the day this is how it was looking both compensator cranks fixed down with two screws each and a bit of rodding on both sides. This needs to be done at the same time, to help make sure they are positioned correctly and pointing the correct direction. Needs to work well but must look good as well.

Work continued with 8 one and a half foot deep holes dug for the stools.(What the rodding sits in). The rodding is then put in place and the hard bit begins. Getting it all straight and level. Or in this case a nice steady rises up to the bridge and then level over the bridge.

Don’t know if I said in the last blog but we had to do a bit of redesigning, with the restrictions of space in front of the signal box. The crank had to be flipped over. Changing it from a pull movement instead of a push. So to account for this the final crank at the points end has had to be flipped over as well. Otherwise the FPL would never go in

This is the signal that will be used for coming out of Morley’s shed area and onto the main running line. This signal with a miniature arm, is being used because of sighting issues. If we were to use a shunt signal at ground level. The signaller will not be able to see the back of it, from the signal box. As the handrails of the bridge will obscure it.

This is the current signalling layout at Boat North.

This is what it will look like once this project is completed. Drawing is the other way round to the diagram above. Don’t get confused.

Here is a little video for you, with a walk through of the site. Done with a possession in place social distancing observed, and all rules of the railway followed.

Hear is a quick look inside the North signal box, 

I hope you all in joy looking. This is all new to me and a bit out of my comfort zone.


  1. Thank you very much for the update. It's an interesting read. Greetings from the USA.

  2. Thank you very much for the update. It's an interesting read. Greetings from the USA.