Saturday, 9 May 2020

Morley project

Morley project part 2,
9th May 2020

Work is continuing with getting the points connected up. Work has been happening under the North box and in front.

So to get the cranks to fit on bench an extra timber needed to be added. You can see the “rails” that it lies on, this is part of the foundation’s of the signal box.

New timber in place and tied down. The stool in the picture is from the old arrangement for the trap points that was removed when the Broomhill section came in to passenger use.

Trial fitting of the cranks for the point’s drive and the FPL ( facing point lock)

Points leavers set to half way. This is for setting the cranks up.

Vertical cranks in and screwed down.

Vertical crank connected up to the leaver tail plus the connection rod to the crank outside on as well.

Cranks lined up, screwed down and first bit of rodding connected up.

Wood put in to stop the dirt going under the box when been back filled.

All back filled and tidied up for the day, still lots of work to do.

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