Sunday, 3 May 2020

Morley Project

Morley project. Friday 1st May

So Hello, to What is my first Blog,

Work is progressing at a good rate considering it has to be done by one person working in an area alone, meeting to the governments current regulations . To bring you up to date with what has been going on, please have a look at the P-way blog.

Looking towards Morley’s shed site on the 21 April 
As per the P-way blog two timbers have been changed to house the cranks of the rodding on to hardwood timbers so should get a good 30years out of them (I hope! ).The reason we have gone for this design is because of the limited clearance over the bridge and the large drop off to the cess ,in addition to this there is just no room to put in a bench for the cranks to sit on. Stools for the rodding were put in , drive rod and FPL rods connected up...Over the bridge we go!

Work from the 21st April
Another days work done  and after several hours of digging and filling 6 stools and 8 lengths of rodding were installed on the bridge , not the easiest task with restricted width and depth to the bridge.

Work Friday 1st May
The latest part of the puzzle how to connect up this wonderful trap point. The B end to the points.

Photo taken 1st May

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